Swimming Pool Condo

It’s easy to be attracted about the beautiful infinity pool when you’re trying to look at a condo but is this really the most important thing for you?

Maybe you should consider features that will probably be more important to you.

I’ve lived in apartments for almost a decade now and my opinion of what amenities matters in a home has changed.

You might probably think that the pool is the most exciting thing about condos right now.

It was for me, when I first moved in. But guess what, if you live like this everyday, you’ll find quickly that some things become more valuable to you than that swimming pool.

Do you have a guess what that is?

The Pool Allure

When I was younger, a swim was a real luxury that happened maybe two or three times a year at a resort or at the beach.

If this was your childhood, you probably often wished you could get a pool at home someday. I know I did.

It’s this fantasy from when you’re younger that really drives what you want initially when you are looking at a property.

The moment you start to dream about that swimming pool is what starts to attract you to that location.

But let’s step on the brakes on this really quick and let’s talk about what you might really be interested in.

Things Can Get Cramped Very Fast

Imagine living in a one bedroom apartment. That’s approximately 36 square meters (and this is being generous).

What are the essentials you’ll need?

If you’re being a minimalist, all you need is a bed, a table and a chair and a closet.

That will take maybe up 6 square meters. Then you have the bathroom which you’ll probably need another 6sqm for.

You have 24 square meters left. You’ll need some space to breathe and let’s say you want more room to walk around, so you leave out another 10 and you’re left with 14 square meters.

What do you put in it?

Are you going to install a kitchen? The developer probably already did that for you and took up about 2sqm for a sink and counter. Now you have 12.

What are the things you’re going to be doing regularly? Wash your clothes, eat food.

If you install a refrigerator, washing machine and a microwave / stove, you’ll be left with just about half a room and we don’t even have a living room yet and a spot to put a small television (but maybe you don’t need TV anymore).

And now we come to the really important stuff.

Where do you hang your clothes? Where do you keep your trash?

Suddenly it’s a tight fit. And you’re living alone.

What if you have other people living with you?

Will you have room for a bicycle for the kids? Toys? A place for your spouse to work beside you?

How about a dining table?

What Really Counts

So really, what should you consider?

  1. Laundry Area – this is important if you’re not living alone. Just your bed sheets will take up most of your drying rack.Laundry Area
  2. Convenient Garbage Disposal – some condos will provide a chute where you can just dump trash. This is really convenient because if you are staying home for the weekend, trash can really accumulate very fast and it’s not fun to always be bringing trash down.
    Garbage Disposal
  3. Shops Nearby – When you run out of water, soap, food or diapers, can you get to a store in three or five minutes? A convenience store right outside the door would be fantastic.
    Convenience Store
  4. Open Space – There will be days when you just need to get out of the house. Those will be the days you’ll appreciate some extra space in the common areas. A balcony is also always nice.
  5. Kiddie Pool and Playground – If you have kids, you need to get them out of the house or they will drive you crazy if you decide to keep all of their energy locked up in an apartment. A kiddie pool and a nice playground will be your lifesaver. They’ll also get to make friends with other kids which will do amazing things to their development.

What Happens To The Pool and the View?

Well now that I can go for a swim anytime I want, I find myself not swimming at all. When I do go for it, it feels like exercise.

It might become the same for you, too. But hey, exercise is still important (which is why I also like a gym, but it’s not a MUST-HAVE).

So if you are thinking of moving into a condo, maybe you should consider the smaller things first because it’s the daily routines that affect you the most.

Did I forget anything? Do you live in an apartment? What other features did you find important in the long run?