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Lumiere Residences by DMCI

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Developer: DMCI Homes
Mid-Rise Condo
Price Range: 3.6M to 6M
Completion Date
Anahaw Building May 2018
Palmira Building October 2018

Project at a Glance

If you are looking for some peace and quiet that’s still close to the city, The Filipino-Spanish themed Ivory Wood project in Taguig from DMCI Homes is going to be perfect for you. A new addition to DMCI’s Acacia Estates, this mid-rise condo is the latest offering for affordable resort-living that is just a few minutes from the Fort, Makati and the Airport. It offers secure city living without that cramped feeling. Let’s explore this property some more.  

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DMCI has built it’s brand on designing living spaces that give you the feeling of living in a resort. Their previous projects in the Acacia Estates are a testament to this (if you are interested, we can even give you a tour!).

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Resort Living in Lumiere Residences
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Across The Street, Without the Price Tag


This project is in DMCI’s Acacia Estates which means it’s practically across the street from Fort Bonifacio and a few more minutes from the Makati Central Business District.

Why is this important to you? Because it means you get more space for your money but with almost the same advantages of living within the Fort.

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You Can Afford To Live Here


Prices start at PHP3.6M for a two bedroom unit.

It’s hard to compare this kind of price with the surrounding properties. Others are way more expensive and others come with dubious construction quality. Given the same choices and a fixed budget, we’d pick this property anytime.

With 20% stretched down payments, getting started is a lot easier.


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  • Location 85%
  • Project Features 80%
  • Price 85%
  • Build Quality 100%
  • Investment Opportunities 90%

What do We Think?

The Ivory Wood is in a great place. It’s close to the airport (great if you are based overseas) and just across C5 from the massive (and expensive) Fort Bonifacio area.

It’s a little towards the end of the Acacia Estates so it will not be a busy location . It’s a great place to come home to if you work in Makati or the Fort.

The price is still affordable and is probably one of the better bang-for-buck projects in the area. Standard payment options apply, which for you means you can stretch your down payment with no penalties.

DMCI Homes are construction experts and resort-living is synonymous with it’s brand. The amenities and facilities will always be great and the low-density layout means there is space to kick back and enjoy life.

Overall, this is a great buy for people looking for a home near their Fort and Makati office or property investors. It’s selling out fast.



The Breakdown


Off C5 and across Fort Bonifacio. It’s next door to the hottest urban location in the Metro but without the crazy prices. It’s in a quiet location (Acacia Estates) but you will still make it to work and home early.


A large pool and a kiddie pool with plenty of green spaces. The kids will love the playground. They will love the entire place!


At prices that start at a little over 3.6 million, units here are something that a middle income family should expect to invest in for the long-term. It’s not cheap but nothing in the area really is. It is, however, the best priced.

Build quality

DMCI = Excellence in construction. We are going to be excited to turnover the unit to you because we know you will love your investment. We can take you for a stroll in other properties that DMCI has executed in the same way so you can experience what we’ve been saying.

Investment Opportunity

DMCI is investing heavily in the development of the Acacia Estates. It’s close to C5 and the airport which means people who are in and out of the country will find it easy to live here. Previous properties in the estate have been managed very well and place an emphasis on security, an at-home feel, and excellent facility maintenance. This investment will only grow in value in the long term.


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It’s a great buy. A lot of other people think so too.


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