Mirea Residences by DMCI

Mirea Residences DMCI

Project Info

Developer: DMCI Homes
Mid-Rise Condo
Price Range: 2.98M to 4.84M
Size of Development: 38.895 Square Meters
8 Medium Rise Buildings
6 to 7 floors per building
2 Bedroom to 3 Bedroom Units
Completion Date
Maia Building: August 2017
Sitara Building: August 2017


Project at a Glance

The Mirea Residences DMCI is the perfect choice if you are looking for a less crowded, affordable and secure condominium that is still within the city. This estate will be your favorite place to relax and come home to.  There is so much room and open space with nearly half the property dedicated to features to make your life more complete and enjoyable.

If you’re in a hurry, then you don’t have long to wait. The first buildings become available in August 2017.


Fun Times At Home

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New buildings are being released for sale but if you want to get your property right away, let’s go ahead and check what’s still remaining for the units that are now being sold!


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Great Things For You In One Place

DMCI has designed the estate with almost 40% of the property dedicated to features that will really make your life enjoyable and fun. There are the large pools that you would only see in resorts, common area with plenty of green spaces and the basic necessities like a laundry area and convenience store.

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Beautiful Greenery and Spaces at Mirea Residences DMCI

Mirea Residences - Vicinity Map / Location

Just away from the Hustle but still close to the Bustle

This huge three hectare estate is located along Amang Rodriguez just off C5 and Ortigas Avenue. It’s about five to ten minutes away to the Ortigas Center and Libis with no traffic and around half an hour in rush hour. Schools in Katipunan are about fifteen to thirty minutes away. When you choose to live here, you will be in the middle of an area that is quickly being developed and upgraded.

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An Affordable First Home

Prices start at 2.9M but with a 15% downpayment that you can pay off monthly until you get the unit, this is a home and investment that you can easily pay for. DMCI has made a commitment to make buying their products as easy for you as possible.

Let's Compute
Mirea Residences Price List

  • Location 75%
  • Project Features 95%
  • Price 85%
  • Build Quality 100%
  • Investment Opportunities 85%

What do We Think?

You will love living at the Mirea Residences. There is just so much space dedicated to making your life happy. There are swimming pools, gymnasiums, a laundry area and convenience store. There’s a game area, several lounge areas and playground and picnic areas. DMCI really want you to have an everyday resort-living experience.

The location is not as great and doesn’t put you in the center of the city but that’s okay. Everything is still very close and the neighborhood is either upscale or currently being upgraded. As an investment, you can never go wrong with DMCI. They build highways, commercial towers, MRT stations! The development is built to last and you will enjoy living in it.

The Breakdown


Just off C5 and Ortigas Avenue. Amang Rodriguez is not the center of the city but it’s close and the units are big. For a family that is investing in their first home, the great schools are nearby which will be great for the kids. If you work in Ortigas, this will be the perfect location for you and your children.


When DMCI executes a mid-rise development, they allot a lot of space to amenities. There are large pools for lounging and exercise and the kids. There is a gym and game area. There is a lounge area, a picnic area and a playground and plenty of greenery. There’s a convenience store, laundry area and lots of parking space. And the estate is constantly being monitored by 24 hour security that you’ll never have to worry about a break-in at night.


The starting price for a two bedroom makes it very attractive for a thirty something yuppie or a young family as a first home. Payments are designed to not make your wallet suffer and you will love living in this home for a long time.

Build quality

Fantastic quality is the badge by which DMCI Homes lives by and this will show in all of their developments. The two year limited warranty is a feature that shows that they are serious about giving you 100% satisfaction in their product.

Investment Opportunity

A good investment opportunity because of the good location, excellent common areas and superior build quality. It’s in the city and the area is being developed and upgraded. It will grow and improve with your property.

Ready to Take a Closer Look?

There are plenty of units in this estate but the ones that are going to be completed early are selling fast. Are you interested? Let’s get started!

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Property investment, whether you’re looking for a place to put your savings or a home you’ll love living in for years to come, can be confusing and difficult. Let us help you sort through the market and find something that will fit perfectly with your dreams.

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Bought my 3 bedroom unit last year. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The development of the entire neighborhood is very exciting.


Business Development Manager

When Will I get My Unit

First two buildings will be turned over in August 2017.

What is The Minimum Downpayment

Payments start at 15%.