One Castilla Place by DMCI


One Castilla Place by DMCI

Project Info


Developer: DMCI Homes
High-Rise Condo
Price Range: 2.54M to 6.4M
Size of Development: 5,452 Square Meters
29 Floor Residential Tower
5 Parking Levels
Completion Date
January 2016



Project at a Glance

One Castilla is a high rise tower on quiet Castilla Street that’s just off Gilmore and Aurora Boulevard that’s been designed to give you a lot of space with a very affordable price. Despite the fact that it’s a high-rise building, the project has been designed with only two bedroom units. This means you get plenty of space and comfort in the middle of the city in a place that is also private, secured and serviced.

The location is very close to quality schools like La Salle Greenhills and Poveda and puts you in the middle of Quezon City that’s very close to the Araneta Center, the city of Manila and the Ortigas Central Business District.

Life is Good With DMCI


If you’re looking for an AFFORDABLE and NEW city space that’s available right away, One Castilla Place is the tranquil and relaxing home for you.


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Packed With Things That Make You Happy

DMCI Homes has allocated nearly two thirds of the entire lot of the property to open spaces for you to enjoy beautiful landscaped areas. We can never get enough of the resort-styled living design that this brand has embodied. One Castilla has all the great features you love in DMCI buildings: terraced gardens and atriums, a large play area for your children and a large open pool bordered with a small walking garden trail.

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Plenty of Open Spaces in an Urban Setting at One Castilla Place

One Castilla Place - Location

Quietly Close to Everything

Imagine turning a corner from the busy avenues of Quezon city into a quiet secluded place just for you. That’s where One Castilla Place has planted itself. Your kids don’t have to travel far to schools and you don’t have to sit long in traffic to get to work. And fun is always just around the corner.

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Designed To Be Affordable

Owning your home in the city is affordable when you consider the One Castilla Place. With a minimum down payment of 20% which you can pay in monthly installments, you don’t have to put up a lot of cash immediately in order to own your home.

Let's Compute
One Castilla Place Price List

  • Location 75%
  • Project Features 90%
  • Price 85%
  • Build Quality 100%
  • Investment Opportunities 80%

What do We Think?

If you work in Quezon City, Manila or the Ortigas Central Business District, the One Castilla Place is a good choice.

The planned features of the development are excellent, as usual and DMCI has been steadily increasing the amount of open spaces that are turned into amenities rather than condo units. This means that you feel more relaxed and the experience of living in the city is more pleasant.

The price point is competitive compared to other developments in the area and you get more quality property for your money. As an investment, we think that the One Castilla Place has a lot of potential because of Quezon City’s determination to surge forward and develop it’s own central business districts as well as the surrounding presence of important schools.

The Breakdown


Castilla Street is just off Gilmore and Aurora Avenue, which are two very busy and noisy streets. We like how the developer has taken this into consideration when deciding where to put the property. Where One Castilla is right now is a much more quiet location but still near these major thoroughfares.


DMCI Homes means resort-styled living and this has been consistent in all of their projects whether it’s a high rise development or a mid-rise development. They take very good care to make sure you have all the conveniences you need like laundry areas and convenience stores while also putting lots of work into shaping beautiful facilities for you like their Garden Atriums, swimming pools and common areas. There’s even a garden trail for quiet walks.


The price has increased but remains affordable when you want to be able to move in right away. This is because it’s already quite close to turnover. But that’s okay, you still have great payment options and we’re ready to help you get financing as and when you need it.

Build quality

There is never any reason to doubt the quality of DMCI’s projects. When you purchase a property from DMCI Homes you also get a limited warranty which is a promise from the developer that you’re getting a well built home.

Investment Opportunity

A good investment opportunity in Quezon City that also makes a great living space when you decide to move in. The city is growing around it and we expect property values to continue to go up.

Ready to Take a Closer Look?

If you’ve been thinking of owning a condo unit to live or invest in, One Castilla Place is a great choice. Units are STILL available but check in now to find which of the best is still open for you.

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